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Has the thought of building a website made you feel overwhelmed?

Join my Mini Website Building Course to get Started

Does This Sound Like You?

Either you've felt like you don't need a website because you have social media or you just really have no idea where to start because building a website feels intimidating. 




We don't own social media, we need an online footprint for our business

Websites sell! They are your hardest working employee working 24 hours a day 

Gives your business credibility online

You're thinking Claire WHY are you

always preaching websites?

I'm here to help

Hi, I'm Claire. Lash Artist, Business coach, Email marketing lover and website building enthusiest!


Whenever I'm mentoring or teaching one of the first things I ask is to see someone's website.


I realized early on so many beauty professionals don't have one. Which is such a missed opportunity!

Websites are so critical to growing your business. So I created this mini course to give you the tools to get started. Using the same formula I do.

Grow your online footprint. Plus no coding skills are required! There is amazing user friendly software out there to give you a stunning website that sells!

What students are saying

"I really liked how the modules were really organized, straight to the point and had all the important tips!
I HIGHLY suggest you take this course if you have NO idea how to build a great website or could use some help to amp up your website!"


Lash Artist

What you'll learn

How to make a home page that sells

How to choose a website building platform that is right for you

What you need for a functioning website and what you can leave out




Having a thriving website has skyrocketed my business. I know the importance and I want to teach you the skills

4 Modules over 5 days

Worksheets and homework for multidimensional learning

My formula for a website that sells

Investing in yourself & your business is never a bad idea

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