This course is the first step to solidifying your online presence, serving your clients, and growing your business. Your website should be your hardest working free emplyee, working 24 hours a day.


I know that may seem like a tall order but having a website in a digital world is a non-negotiable. What is the first thing we do when we want information? We google it. Having a website helps your audience find you. Social media is the handshake, your website closes the sale. 


In this mini course I am going to guide you through building a website that is going to maximize your online presense and grow your business. 


This course includes 4 modules plus worksheets to get you the best results and complete this course with a beautiful new website. You do not, I repeat DO NOT need any coding skills to create your own website in 2020. There are tons of user friendly options to build beautful, engaging sites. 


If you're ready to grow your online foot print this course is for you.


This course is delivered by email over 5 days. After purchasing you can expect your first email within 24 hours.

Website Building Mini Course For Beauty Professionals

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