You're probably thinking OK Claire I'm here to make money! Trust me I get it so am I. But hear me away free content builds a relationship with your audience which in turn makes you more money.

Now, this may sound crazy but you need at least 70% of your content to be free but valuable information and only 30% should be about sales. A perfect example is this newsletter. Yes, I promote my courses and mentorship but if you never buy anything from me you know weekly you'll be getting valuable content that will help you grow your business.

There are two reasons to do this.

#1 You genuinely want to help people. As a creative passionate person, you want to see other people succeed and enjoy what you put out.

#2 You get to flex a little. You show your audience you know what you're talking about and you're an expert in your field.

Pay attention to the content you're posting. No more posting "just to post" and no more "book now" in every post. I know you have amazing valuable things to teach and tell your audience about, you just need to work it out.

You got this!

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