Service Providers and Mental Health

As service providers we are often the shoulder our clients lean on. We hear about the good and many times the bad...sometimes really bad.

When it comes to working everyone always talks about the physical toll it takes on our bodies but what about the mental strain? We've all been there, looked at our schedule for the day and it's full of clients we know are going through a difficult time. We can already feel the weight of conversations to come.

Although many of us love talking to our clients. I know I do. Hearing the ins and outs of their lives, how happy they are to share exciting news. But don't discredit how YOU are feeling after a long day. We have to take care of our own mental health if we want to keep getting this cash for years to come.

The solution? After your day take some time to decompress. Sometimes when I get home I just go lay down for a few minutes, clear my head and then go on to hang out with my family. And do not be afraid to see a professional...I can't say it enough our work is very heavy. It's Ok to seek therapy for yourself.

How many times do we tell people in our lives, including our clients to take care of themselves? We need to start taking our own advice. Let’s do it, friend!

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