This so something I learned a long time ago and it makes all the difference.

We all know having social proof from real clients helps us sell our services. Now we're used to asking for reviews however a testimonial is WAY more powerful!

A review is heavily based on you as the business owner, while a testimonial highlights how the service made your client feel or changed their life. This has a more natural way of selling your services because potential clients want to know how services will make their life better.

How to ask for a testimonial

"Hey____. I want you to know I really appreciate that you continue to support my business. I'm reaching out to my clients for testimonials, and if you have some time I would appreciate it if you would write one for me. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or long just about how (lashes) make you feel or made your life easier."

You know your clients best, this is only a template you can tweak it how you want.

This wording leads them to talk more about their personal experience instead of how amazing you are. (which is still great)

By no means are reviews bad. If your client gives you something that is more review based that's ok and can still be used for your marketing. We want to avoid asking them to change it as that isn't genuine. Make sure you thank them for taking the time to write you a review.

One last thing, never be afraid to ask your clients for a testimonial. Especially if they are a repeat customer, you already know they love you it's just a matter of typing it out.

Keep killing the game!

xo, Claire

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