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Have you ever had a service or been to a store and you cannot wait to tell everyone you know about how amazing it was? I have! Personally, I'm a review warrior haha. Every time I have good service I'm leaving a 5-star review with names included! (remember my previous email about abundance mindset? Tell people you admire and appreciate them)

So I'm going to give you 4 concrete strategies you can use to make your customers rave about you.

1) Keep notes

Depending on the service we offer we may see multiple people in a day. Keeping notes helps us remember those little details that customers appreciate. That wedding they went to, their grandchild's baseball game or, maybe a new skincare product they are trying.

2) Ask for feedback and don't take it personally

This can be a tough one because we work really hard to give an amazing experience so when we ask for feedback and it's not positive we can get our back up. Instead of being upset use it as a learning opportunity. Client's oftentimes are trying to be polite and won't tell you if there is an issue but if you ask they may give you some detail.

3) Keep a neat schedule

Of course, every once in a while something can get mixed up, but for the most part, you want to keep a tight schedule. For example, I book space in between my clients so they rarely ever see each other. This ensures the time I have them booked is 100% for them, and they don't feel rushed while the other client is waiting.

4) Make it about them

Customers pay for our services but a huge part of that is paying for time with us. Unless asked, make the conversation about your client and their life. The focus should be one of them. Of course, as your relationship with your client builds there will be back and forth, but always keep this in mind.

We want customers to have the best experience with us and these 4 tips will help.

Keep being amazing!

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