Ok so since you've opened this email you're eager to hear how we win the war on bad lash work (or hair, nails, facials...the list goes on). I'm just going to get right to it, we need to be doing foreign fills. I know, I know maybe you're a service provider who has given up because every time you work on another artists' work it's awful and you're sick of it.

Hear me out.

Many times clients don't want to pay for a whole new set, so when you say you won't fill other artists' work generally they just move on. To me, that's a missed opportunity.

When I get a client asking me to fill another artist's work I'm very upfront. I let them know I will only fill the work if I can and need to see it. This way they already know there is a possibility that I will have to remove the lashes. No surprises. (of course I'm speaking to lashes but this applies to all services)

When they come in for their appointment I assess the lashes, if I'm not able to fill them (9/10 time I can't) I take LOTS of pictures. I will then show the client pictures, and zoom all the way in!

This is now a lesson on lash health and what makes a good set. After I've educated them I will let them know it would be a removal and a new set.

I will tell you everyone is OK with it. They understand why we need to remove them. Usually, these clients are so grateful they end up being very loyal clients.

Clients need PROOF, that's why we need to get them in front of us and show them exactly what we see. So yes many times you won't be able to fill over the previous work but you will have educated a client and hopefully have gotten them to agree to a new healthy lash routine

Trust the process

Xo, Claire

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