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This is such a highly requested topic. How do we make lashes last as long as possible? As lash artists, we love to show the world how well our lashes are staying and clients are happy too.

I have a few tips that can help you maximize your retention with your clients. I do want to start by saying lashes are not meant to be invincible. 4 and 5-week perfect retention is very rare. So let's not beat ourselves up Sometimes especially when we are starting we want every single person who wants a service to come to us. The more the merrier. However that thinking leads to an unhappy you and sometimes an unhappy client. Not everyone will be a match for your business and I'm here to tell you it's OK.

So how do we find our ideal match? There is something called an IDA or ideal client avatar. You take a look at a few of your favourite clients and find similarities.

What kind of careers do they have, do they have pets, married, kids, etc. The list goes on. Once you have that figured out you're going to market to those traits. For example, are they coffee drinkers? Yes. Post about your favourite way to take your coffee, ask for Starbucks recommendations, or post a funny caffeine meme. These will all help get engagement to get your ideal client to look your way.

This is a process, I want you to sit down and really think about who your best/favourite clients are and what they love. What are they attracted to? You can even ask them why they enjoy coming to you. I've simplified this quite a bit because it is such an intense process. Should I do another email in more detail?

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